Parenting Stress, Parent's Culture, and Child's Abilities

Project Overview 

This study explores the relationship between parenting stress, cultural background, and the abilities of minimally verbal children on the autism spectrum. The study used parent-reported measures to assess parenting stress, parents’ cultural background, and their child’s abilities from parents in India and the US. This research provides valuable insights into the complex interplay between internal and external factors in the development of communication skills in minimally verbal children on the autism spectrum.

Roles and Responsibilities 

As a Principal Investigator of my Ph.D. dissertation project, I led all aspects of the project under the mentorship of Dr. Nancy Brady at the University of Kansas


Suswaram, S., Brady, N. C., & Boyd, B. (2024). The impact of parenting stress and cultural orientation on communication skills in minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorders: A comparative study in India and the US. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 112, 102337. 


Suswaram, S. & Brady, N. C. (2022, May). Comparing in Developmental Profile of Minimally Verbal Children. International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting (INSAR), Austin, TA. [Virtual]

Suswaram, S., & Brady, N. C. (2021, November). Conducing International Research in Communication Disorders: Lessons Learned from Recruiting participants from India. Research Technical Talk. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, New Orleans, LA. [Virtual]

Invited Presentations

Suswaram, S. (2021, February & March). Parenting Stress and Child Development Across Cultures. Spotlight Series, Regional Autism Advisory Council of Southwest Ohio Task Force, Butler County, Clermont County, Hamilton County, and Warren County, OH. [Virtual]

Suswaram, S. (2021, January). Stress is a Cultural factor: Parenting a Child with ASD in India. Asian Indian Caucus, American Speech-Language Hearing Association. [Virtual]