Understanding Autism in India: A Mixed-Methods Study of Parent’s Perspectives

Project Overview 

Understanding Autism in India: A Mixed-Methods Study of Parent’s Perspectives aims to understand the experiences and mechanisms that contribute towards optimizing developmental outcomes in children on the autism spectrum from the perspectives of parents. This research is being conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of Kansas and uses an explanatory sequential mixed-method research design. The research will lead to three papers focusing on parent’s concerns, family structure and social support, and autism-related stigma and self-reliance. The implications of this research include advancing evidence-based strategies, improving understanding, identifying barriers, reducing stigma, and empowering families.

Roles and Responsibilities 

In my Ph.D. dissertation project, “Parenting Stress, Parent’s Culture, and Child Abilities,” I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project, including:

Publications (in preparation)

Suswaram, S., Dababnah, S., Bhattashali, A., Cheatham, G. Parental perceptions of autism interventions in India: a mixed methods study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Suswaram, S. & Dababnah, S. Conducting international research in autism: a framework. Autism Research.


Suswaram, S., Liu, T., Perelmutter. B., Bhattashali, A., & Cheatham, G. (2023, May). Factors Affecting Parental Concerns: Evidence from India. International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting (INSAR), Älvsjö, Sweden. [In-person]

Bhattashali, A., Cheatham, G., Suswaram, S., & Oh, J. (2022, February). Parents’ Perceptions about Inclusive Education in India: A Mixed-Method Study. Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention, San Diego, CA. [In-person]