Motor and Communication Skills

Project Overview 

This project examines the association between different aspects of motor and communication skills in minimally verbal children on the autism spectrum. The study uses data from my dissertation project and focuses on subdomains of motor skills, expressive communication skills, and communication functions, while controlling for children’s age and their country of residence. This research provides valuable insights into the relationship between motor and communication skills as an earlier step to inform intervention programs to optimize development in minimally verbal children on the autism spectrum.

Roles and Responsibilities 

I am working on a first author publication and collaborating with researchers from Vanderbilt University and Baylor University. This includes:

Publication (under review)

Suswaram, S., McDaniel, J., & Muller, K. Exploring the associations between communication, motor, and social skills in minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder: cross-national evidence. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.


Suswaram, S., McDaniel J. C., & Muller., K. (2023, May). Relations between Motor and Communication Skills in Minimally Verbal Children with Autism: A Cross-National Study. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, Boston, MA. [In-person]